Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Children Identification

Library Bag

We are constantly losing our library card.... great idea!


Softie Paratroopers

I dream of printing off pictures of our family and making them into the paratroopers for my little guy.


Party Things

Chococlate Shells

Check out my own attempts at this one HERE.

Home made shrinky dinks


Halloween Crafts

Blue, Purple or Black Yarn
Black Pipe Cleaners
Wiggly Eyes


1. Wrap yarn around extended hand, about 50 times or until yarn wrapping is thick around hand.
2. Introduce 3 pipe cleaners (about 4" long each) through yarn wrapping, letting them stick out each side.
3. Use a long piece of yarn (about 5" long) to tie yarn wrapping at the center, together with pipe cleaners. Have someone help you tie wrapping and cleaners tightly so the cleaners won't come out or move.
4. Take out your hand and cut the ends of the wrapping and mess up yarn ends to make it look like a pompom. Bend pipe cleaners down to make the spider's legs.
5. Glue the wiggly eyes to the front of the spider... that's it!

Marshmallow Gun Birthday Party

Absolutely can't wait to do this for my little guy!!


Birthday Crowns

Follow the credit for a great tutorial on how to make these.

Spelling Duplos


Marbalized Paper


Valentine Cards

Salt Dough recipe

Just mix a cup and a half of salt, four of flour and about two cups of water. Mix with a spoon until it starts to become well-stirred, then continue mixing by using your hands to knead the dough until it's ready.

You can ornaments, beads for threading, or just a random shape to paint and show off to daddy when he gets home. The possibilities are endless.

Sandpaper Crayon Art

Sandpaper Art'

Cut out a piece of sandpaper, the more coarse the better. Allow the children to draw a picture on the rough surface with leftover crayons. Once the sandpaper is all colored, place in the oven on an old cookie sheet at low. It makes a bit of a waxy smell, but once the pictures are melted on the sandpaper, let dry and you have an art piece to cherish. It is worth it!

Soft Easter Eggs

And they are refillable!


Portraits of Kids

Storage Cubes

A great tutorial on how to make these HERE.

Reuseable Bags

A great tutorial on how to make them HERE.

Toddler Activities

Give them some golf tees and a wooden hammer and let them pound away!

Letter search and match.

Holiday Decorations

Christmas Decor

Family Reunion T-Shirts

Family Photos

Toddler Friendly Thank Yous

Toddler Christmas Craft

Toddler Friendly Holiday Cards

Thank you Gifts