Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Crafts

Blue, Purple or Black Yarn
Black Pipe Cleaners
Wiggly Eyes


1. Wrap yarn around extended hand, about 50 times or until yarn wrapping is thick around hand.
2. Introduce 3 pipe cleaners (about 4" long each) through yarn wrapping, letting them stick out each side.
3. Use a long piece of yarn (about 5" long) to tie yarn wrapping at the center, together with pipe cleaners. Have someone help you tie wrapping and cleaners tightly so the cleaners won't come out or move.
4. Take out your hand and cut the ends of the wrapping and mess up yarn ends to make it look like a pompom. Bend pipe cleaners down to make the spider's legs.
5. Glue the wiggly eyes to the front of the spider... that's it!

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